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3 Stocks to Buy Amid Sticky Inflation, Including 1 With 53% Upside

DBS is a “lean operating model” encompassing all facets of planning, hiring, decision-making and benchmarking across the whole company. “As such, it’s critical for current or prospective shareholders to understand what DBS entails, what benefits it affords Danaher, and how to assess its future impact.” “We believe Apple’s significant cash flow should enable it to enter the battery electric vehicle market,” Vogt says. “Although Apple is not a first-mover, its significant resources should enable the company to be a ‘fast follower’ in time” for the coming explosion in demand for electric vehicles. He sees the global auto market to become nearly 100% electric over the next 10 years.

  • He thinks the company will benefit from a shift to tequilas and higher-end bourbons.
  • That’s because Pepsi is a dividend king and has increased its dividend in the last 51 years.
  • In addition to enjoying a high-conviction Buy rating from UBS, each pick ranks in the top third of its sector for pricing power, margin momentum and input cost exposure.

The company has a strong brand and should be able to pass on higher costs to buyers easier. The company’s Greater China operations are also on track for a recovery in 2022. Nike stock has come off its highs and at these prices, it looks like a good pricing power stock to buy. Those companies with strong pricing power can ably deal with rising prices. Computer-aided design company Autodesk illustrates this group’s strength. The company has posted an average 84% gross profit margin over the past 5 years, more than double the average for the Russell 1000, and it ranks no. 5 in estimated margin growth this year in Goldman’s 50-stock basket.

#5 – Nike (NYSE:NKE)

In 2021, Goldman Sachs identified several stocks that have pricing power. The list had large-cap names like Proctor & Gamble, Nike, Oracle, and PPG Industries. Goldman Sachs also identified several small-cap stocks including KB Home, Weber, Brinks Company, Green Plains, and Evoqua Water Technologies. He pointed to higher sales numbers recently, as well as increased production capacity to meet demand. He thinks the company will benefit from a shift to tequilas and higher-end bourbons. Over a multi-year timeline, he also thinks they’ll get a boost from higher tequila consumption outside of North and South America, as well as increased consumption of scotch elsewhere.

  • The fund’s investments total to approximately $38.56 million assets under management.
  • I wouldn’t own a cigarette stock, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
  • Goldman Sachs and Cowen have listed the stock as a top pick for 2022.
  • He sees NKE as a “long-term outperformer” that is expected to generate 18% earnings per share growth annually in each of the next four years.
  • Over the past year, we’ve seen a rebound across almost all live sports.

That’s exceptional growth for a REIT known more for paying out a significant percentage of its earnings as a dividend. Extra Space Storage has an pepperstone review annualized dividend payout of $6, which calculates to a dividend yield of 3.54%. Johnson & Johnson is the second dividend king on this list.

It’s understandable, even forgivable, if our current environment of rapidly rising prices has left investors at a loss. Exxon Mobil, Pioneer Natural Resources — Shares of Exxon Mobil were lower by more than 1% during premarket trading after the company agreed to buy Pioneer for nearly $60 billion, or $253 per share, in an all-stock merger. Exxon said production volume in the Permian Basin would more than double after the deal closes. Taylor said he believes margins can go “significantly higher” over the long term, given the company’s leverage to both necessary and elective procedures, which should return quickly in a post-pandemic world. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. Walter Energy, this is something that’s tied to metallurgic coal and basicly you need this product for steel production.

Here are 10 ‘high conviction’ stocks of companies with strong pricing power and 20% upside potential to UBS targets

Indeed, UBS finds that historically, whenever the two-year U.S. breakeven inflation rate has topped 2.5%, “companies with strong pricing power have outperformed their weak counterparts by nearly 14% on average over the next 12 months.” Goldman added that stocks with low labor costs should also outperform in an environment of rising inflation. A larger percentage of companies cited labor costs as their single most important problem than in any other month since 1973, according to a recent NFIB small business survey. In addition to extremely high average gross margins, these stocks are expected to post significant margin growth over the next year even as the economy slows.

UBS also identified stocks with pricing power.

Steel demand is booming globally, and they have huge pricing power there, Particularly because a lot of the competitors have already contracted out. The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF (PP) is an exchange-traded fund that mostly invests in total market equity. The fund is an what is software development actively managed portfolio of 25 to 60 innovative US companies that have more pricing power relative to their peers. The fund may use targeted ETFs as a potential macro-hedge against anticipated market risks. PP was launched on Nov 28, 2022 and is managed by Meet Kevin.

Investors have seen NKE stock increase in price by 80% in the last five years. And the company has a dividend that it has increased for 21 years and is supported by, among other things, free cash flow (FCF) which hit almost $6 billion in 2021. While there are better choices for companies strictly looking to capture a dividend, Nike is a solid choice for investors looking for a solid combination of both. The company’s products have a pull factor and it has the ability to increase the prices. Incidentally, Apple is also expected to enter the EV industry. Even the staunchest Tesla bulls see Apple’s entry into the EV industry as the biggest risk for Tesla.

Warren Buffett likes when customers willingly pay higher prices.

It can do this by reducing the number of drilling days, negotiating contracts at lower rates, and others. UBS analyst Lloyd Byrne believes EOG will be able to keep increasing shareholder returns. He points out that the company raised its base dividend by 10% this year to $960 million and paid a special dividend of $600 million as well. For 2022 to 2023, EOG is expected to generate $9 billion of cumulative free cash flow after base dividends, he says. Generac also can use its market prowess – it has a 75% market share in North American home backup generators – to expand in the solar and energy storage market.

We’re not going to see TV shows getting 40 million viewers, 30 million viewers regularly like we may have when we had three networks back in the day when I was a little boy in the ’70s. But Super Bowl is holding steady, it did drop in audience a little bit last year. I think that was part of the wider 2020 into 2021 decline in people watching TV related to the pandemic.

If a company does not have much pricing power, an increase in their prices would lessen the demand for their products. A company that has substantial pricing power is one that provides a rare or unique product with few rivals in the market. In this case, if the company raises its prices, the increase may not affect demand because there are no alternative products on the market that consumers can choose instead. You see the key performance indicators not quite lining up with revenue forecasts.

Most important, Goldman expects these stocks to boost their margins even as most companies struggle to pass through rising input costs. Analysts note that consensus estimates call for a 40 basis point decline in S&P 500 profit margins during 2019 from their record high in 2018. The scarcity of a resource or raw material affects pricing power significantly even more so than the presence of competitors with similar products. For example, various threats, such as disasters that put the oil supply plus500 canada at risk, lead to higher prices from petroleum companies although rival providers exist in the market. The narrow availability of oil combined with widespread reliance on the resource by multiple industries ensures that oil companies retain significant pricing power over this commodity. As always, people on the program may have interest in the stocks they talk about and the Motley Fool may have formal recommendations for or against, so don’t buy yourselves stocks based solely on what your hear.

The cost of goods or services sold includes the actual costs for making the items sold or providing the services sold. It is a useful measurement of pricing power, and a combination of high sales growth and improved gross margin is a good sign. When companies face cost pressures – through higher prices for shipping and raw materials, for example – they have to choose whether to raise prices on their goods or services, or absorb the hit and let margins suffer. The best-positioned firms are those that can pass most of those prices along without consumers balking and taking their business elsewhere. Looking at the recent uptrend in commodity prices and the expected supply-side disruptions amid the rising global cases of the omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus, inflation looks like it’s here to stay for some time.

As a result, Apple’s revenue and earnings continue to rise. As pointed out in the introduction, the price of the company’s iconic iPhone has been up 81% since it was first launched. The company sees similar pricing power with other products in its portfolio, including its Apple Watch. If shares in companies with strong pricing power have delivered those sorts of returns in the past, well, investors would do well to adjust their portfolios accordingly. The cost of goods or services sold includes the actual costs for making the items or providing the services, including labor. It is a useful measurement of pricing power, and a combination of an expanding gross margin and increasing sales is a good sign.

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